Accept Change and Live a Happy Life

Accept Change and Live a Happy Life

Happy is he who learns to bear what he cannot change.

Once upon a time, there was an elephant couple, wife named ‘Chubby’ and husband ‘Tubu’. They had two kids named ‘Fifa’ and ‘Suza’. They lived near a pond where they would take bath, drink water and have a gala time together. Once it so happened that there was no rainfall. Because of which the pond was getting dried. Gradually they realized there wasn’t enough water left for them to take bath or even drink. Tubu and his children got tensed and worried. But someone had to take the initiative. Chubby asked her husband and children to leave the place and come along with her but they refused.


They were so attached to that place that they didn’t agree to leave. Chubby tried to convince them, but to her surprise both her kids started crying and Tubu lost his temper. Day by day, they were getting weak. She again made an effort to convince them but in vain.

Finally, she decided to go out in search of water. She went to nearby places in search of water. Days passed but her effort gave no result. Still, she was hopeful. She continued her search. While chubby was going through the woods, a crow came and asked her “why are you looking so upset and tired, Chubby?”

 “The pond in our area got dried due to no rain and now I am in search of water. My family is waiting for me and I must hurry”, she replied.

 “I know a place where you can find water. Follow me”, said the crow. Chubby thanked the crow for offering help and followed him. They finally reached a place which had a lake full of water. She thanked him, but at the same time wondered how she will carry water to her family. She shared her problem with the crow.

On knowing her problem, the crow said “You don’t have to carry this water to your family. Instead bring them over here”. It seemed like a reasonable solution to the crow at once flew away to look for her family. Meanwhile, Tubu was worried about Chubby and their children. Finally, he realized his mistake and decided to look for her.

On the way, he found a crow who asked them whether they are Chubby’s family to which they replied yes. He told them to follow him as he knows where Chubby was. After drinking water chubby was feeling healthy and fresh while it was hard for her family to even walk because of weakness.

On reaching a new place with water and seeing Chubby, her family got happy. Tubu realized his mistake of not accepting change and apologized to chubby and they all thrived happily near the lake.


The lesson of the story- Nothing is permanent, change is part of life. We should accept change and move on. We should not get attached to anything. Getting attached and not accepting change will snatch you happiness and health. While accepting change will make you happy and healthy.

Eesha Sabharwal
Eesha Sabharwal

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