Adapt  &  Grow: An Inspiring Talk Show

Adapt & Grow: An Inspiring Talk Show

To mark the Celebration of 98th Foundation Day of Jamia Millia Islamia an inspirational talk show was diligently organized by The Inspire India with Alumni association of Jamia Millia Islamia on Adapt & Grow Career Opportunities in Civil Services and Beyond”.

There was a soul to it, At the entrance of gate no.1, there was huge poster denoting the An Inspirational Talk Show on “Career Opportunities in Civil Services and Beyond–  31st October 2018”.

Mr. A. P. Siddiqui, IPS Registrar Jamia Millia Islamia arrived on time along with the president of AAJMI, Mr. Shifaur Rahman Khan and they were received by Mr. Shamshad Alam, Entrepreneur.

Inside the auditorium, it witnessed hundreds of listeners as we saw various students loaded with their competitive mindset eagerly waiting for the talk show to begin. The tone of decorations was very creative as we entered. The dais embalmed with the faculty of Engg. and technology  and expected distinguished guests were:

Chief Guest:

  • Mr. A. P. Siddiqui, IPS, Registrar Jamia Millia Islamia


  • Mr. Mohammad Tarique Khan, Deputy Director Residential Coaching Academy Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Mr. Haris Bin Zama, IPS
  • Ms. Ilma Afroz, IPS
  • Mr. Shamshad Alam, Entrepreneur

Soon, with the recitation of the holy verses of Quran as per tradition of Jamia Millia Islamia inauguration of the talk show begun. Then, organizers welcomed the dignitaries by presenting blossoming bouquets of flowers to them, one to one.

Then was the opening speech by Mr. Shamshad Alam, The Chief Executive of The Inspire India. He encouraged the students with his warm and motivating words. He also expressed that his dream is to see events like this take place more often, at not only Jamia campus but all over India. He told the students that he would like these cultural exchanges to become a regular feature at the campus of Jamia in order to encourage and motivate the youth of India towards a better future with proper guidance and growth with the aim to adapt and grow. And thereby have us come closer to success and success to us.

Then firstly came Mr. A. P. Siddiqui, IPS, Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia to inspire and guide the students for acquiring their aim more precisely towards civil services in India, he in a very simple and humorous way described his story from his studying struggles in a very low and middle-class college.

He told us that in this new era of competition we must delete the word fail from our mindset, no one fails ever, he just remained a little less than the winner so we should never lose hope on being flopped, because failures are the steps towards success as he spoke he himself failed twice in the civil service exam but never stopped believing in himself, he dreamt of that and made it happen. He chose law over an MBA at that time which all the third-grade students of that time used to opt which taught us the importance of a plan B that every aspirant must have. His determination by his wordings took our breath away.

Indeed, patriotism speaks of his character – You can be that proud of your roots only while you are that proud of yourself. And this one trait exuded from each and every aspirant who listened to his soulful words. Each one thought their aim was to only serve the nation. He also quoted Allama Iqbal as having said that

“Khudi ko kar buland itna ki har taqdeer se,

pehle khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai”.

Tarique Khan

After him, Mr. Mohammad Tarique Khan, Deputy Director Residential Coaching Academy Jamia Millia Islamia was being invited to interact with the audience and being a mentor behind many civil service aspirants on their journey to IAS, IPS, and IFS this man told the key to success.

He in a very humble and polite manner described easy points and approaches to get the aspirants to acquire their goal in the civil services exams as it is not a 100 Meter sprint its a long marathon where patience needs guidance and determination needs consistency.

One should never be worried about the no. of persons applied for a particular exam in because it’s not all of them are the determined ones only 35 to 40k are the dedicated ones so mathematically the competition is 1 is to 35 which is much less than Jamia’s  B.ED Entrance Exam, he added.

He told that R.C.A offers a two-year residential coaching program under the guidance of experienced faculties helping the youth aspirants to make their way on the righteous path as the struggle of a person is first with himself and then with the competitors if someone has the ability to win himself he can achieve everything.

Haris Bin Zaman

After which, MR. Haris Bin Zaman IPS was invited to express his views and struggles in his journey to IPS. He greeted the audience with the quotes of Rabindranath Tagore, translated as

“we are from our nation and our nation is from us”. 

He told the audience the difference of a person with power and person without  power followed by a story of a real-life incident in which a girl was abandoned and electrically shocked to death after marriage in a dowry case, her father texted him and he helped her father in filing an FIR  against the accused because he believed in satyamev jayate.

Ilma Afroz

Then, at last, came Ms. Ilma Afroz, IPS  a very heartwarming and charming lady who chose to serve the nation by joining Indian police service rather being a woman. She is really an example of a figure of courage among women she told the audience about his struggles being a farmer’s daughter and his success story which went through many obstacles but she never stopped even after being molested by words of her relatives, her mother and brother believed in herself but they never lose hope in her and encouraged her on every step of life.

She told us the secret to happiness which was in cleaning the tears of a needy and doing work to the ones with whom we have grown up in any way socially, economically or financially and this talk show ended with some question answers round and refreshment at last.

And this way, a beautiful interaction reached its logical conclusion. We cannot end this summary without mentioning the commendable effort and meticulous planning all the team of THE INSPIRE INDIA, a young and energetic team of professionals, civil servants, Research Scholars, Entrepreneurs and Aspirants with guidance of more experienced personalities, also played active role in arranging the question-answer session to help the aspirants clear their doubts and seek the guidance of the expertise.               

Mohammad Tayyab



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