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Book Review – The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam

By Imteyaz Alam

The story set in the fictional city of Zamana in Pakistan covers religious extremism, hatred, and intolerance in society. There is a suffocating environment for religious minorities and also for liberals.

“Many things in my books come from real life, but a novelist has to be careful in transporting a real event into the landscape of a novel. It is patient work, like moving a lake from one place to another with a teaspoon” writes Naeem Aslam about his own craft.


Book Review: The Broken Ladder

By Imteyaz Alam

“Growth is not a ready antidote to problems of vulnerability and broken ladder”. A separate policy is needed for poverty reduction, the author suggests. “Improving governance in public (health) system and strengthening regulation in private (health) system is critical”.