If You Dream, It Comes True: See How it Happens?

If You Dream, It Comes True: See How it Happens?

In words of our late president A.P.J Abdul Kalam,

“Dreams are not what you see while sleeping, dreams are which do not let you sleep”.

Wow! A miracle blessed my life and made every incident out of my expectation. The things that happened to me are beyond my imagination. I feel on cloud nine because the things I expected in future are now a reality. Everything seems perfect and more fantastic than a fairy tale. Before telling you about the miracles happening to me, I would like to introduce myself. I am Angela and I live in New Jersey, pursuing my Fine Arts degree. I live with my sister ‘Sofia’, mother ‘Kaira’ and father ‘Michael’.


I won’t keep you in any more suspense, so let me unveil the truth. I was talking about my 20th birthday surprises that filled me with the utmost happiness. The first surprise that took my breath was the next month tickets to Australia kept under my pillow while I was asleep. My eyes got wide open on the second surprise when I got a puppy after getting up from the bed.

I have a very soft corner for puppies and getting one is not less than a dream to me. Then, my parents blindfolded me and took me to a whole new world displaying my first art exhibition. As I witnessed that scene with my open eyes, tears started rolling down my cheeks.

My parents had organized an exhibition and displayed the best of my paintings. I was totally amazed when some of my paintings got sold for a very good price as there were many admirers. To complete the tradition of birthday, I finally cut the cake.

Wait. The surprise list has not ended yet. They again blindfolded me and took me a new place by surprise. It was an orphanage opened by my parents on my name and at that moment I was so overwhelmed by their gesture. I am passionate about contributing y time and money towards the betterment of society.

I felt like a home for orphans on my name is similar to the opening account of good deeds. Lots of blessings from orphans was another gift for me. I distributed chocolates and cookies among all the orphans who were so happy and excited to meet me. While busy doing this, I felt a familiar touch on my shoulder and I was happily shocked to see my best friend who had shifted to India after School.

In addition to all this happiness, I have one more talent where I am a stand-up comedian. I love spreading smiles wherever I go because it makes me happy from inside and widens the list of good deeds. My sister and friends showed my Videos they made viral on social media. Suddenly I felt a pain on my head and heard a loud voice, “wake up”.

I woke up and realized everything was a dream and I have to work hard to make them real. From then I started working on my art to display my art in an exhibition one day. I joined a job in a call center to earn money to open an orphanage and to purchase a puppy.


I also worked hard to launch a youtube channel. Now I have organized some successful art exhibitions. I have opened a you-tube channel. Apart from this, I am sponsoring a child in the orphanage.

Dreams will bounce back and will not become reality unless we work hard to achieve them. Lying down and watching dreams will not help one convert dreams into a reality.


It is proven that as much as 95 percent of all dreams are quickly forgotten shortly after waking. Also, fifty percent of people report having had a recent pre-cognitive dream, or a dream that seems to tell the future. According to one study, about 29 percent of their dreams are realistic, around 47 percent is realistic fiction, and only 4 percent are purely fantastic.

While reading these facts, let us also remember the saying of Collin Powell,

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork”.

So, let us all make a resolution to start working on our dreams. Dreaming will not build anything but realizing those dreams with full dedication and passion will build a better and successful future for each one of us.


Eesha Sabharwal
Eesha Sabharwal

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