Filter Your Past for Brighter Present and Future

Filter Your Past for Brighter Present and Future

Past has already gone, the present is what is going on and the future is what is waiting for us. Someone has rightly said that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift that’s why we call it present.

Winston Churchill quoted

 “If we find quarrel between present and past, we shall find that we have lost future.”


While remembering our past sometimes we laugh, sometimes we are in tears. Sometimes we may feel proud of our achievements and at times we may feel upset for our failure.

Whatever happens in our life is building our experience that is the foundational ground for learning. Most of the learning experiences are painful leading us into frustration. Even in most struggling situations, if one focuses on the right thing in the present situation then the burden of the past from their shoulders will be reduced.

Those who could achieve what they wanted could easily lead a normal life. But the ones who could not achieve their desire became a slave of their hopeless mind and lost self-confidence. It is hard to forget the past if you have not learned from the past.

As soon as you leave your past in past, you can polish your present. Unhappiness and dissatisfaction at present create the need for learning from the past to create a shining future. You should learn to erase your mistakes from the past and draw something better in the future.

Some say it is no use to remember the past. It is like going back in time and digging the grave of the past. Most of the times it is painful so it is better to let it remain buried so it does not disturb your present as well as future. But the real heroes advice to learn from your past. Learning from the past makes our present and future more efficient.

No one can predict or control the future. However, the real picture of future can be painted if you plan for it and put the right action is present. Less anxiety at present invites will bring fewer storms for the future.

When you live and work with aim, respond to only what is important. With this, you will be capable to lead, manage, support, befriend and love.

Let us take the example of Balmiki who was a robber. He asked his family whether they will support him. When they replied no, he became saint and wrote Ramayan. He left his black past to live in peace in present.

Dashrath was always stuck in his past since he was cursed by the blind parents of Shravan whom he killed by mistake. His past became a hurdle for his present and ultimately he died because of separation from Ram Ji.

Filter your past

We should forget those chapters of past which add salt to wound. These chapters become a hurdle for our present and future. We should learn from our mistakes to avoid repetition of them in present and future.

Gather pieces of past and throw torn pieces to form an innovative puzzle. Smoothen present and future with cheese of past and remove lemon of past. Do n’t get stuck in a maze of past, find ways out to feed your future with nutrition. Stitch past to weave future.

Sow seeds of hope to bear sweet fruits of future. Believe in these words where the writer says that Past is waste paper, the present is a newspaper, the future is a question paper, so read and write carefully otherwise life will be tissue paper. Learn to accept your past without regrets, handle your present with confidence and face your future without fear.

Eesha Sabharwal
Eesha Sabharwal

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