How Can Traveling Help You Grow?

How Can Traveling Help You Grow?

From the series: Reflections from my traveling abroad!

Here I am going to share some of my stories from my voyages within India and abroad. Every single tale has contributed in shaping my personality. All my stories have made me very resilient, self-possessed, stay motivated and dreaming with open eyes. Now, I don’t dream at nights, I dream only on days. My inner voice has become enhanced vividly.

I listen to myself and make my conducts, I don’t higher any counselor for that matter. My travels have taught me the actual meaning of pluralism. What does it mean to be a plural society and how to respect it? I have become a more open-minded person who loves to tolerate different religions, castes, races, etc.


I did not know that I would be a travel devotee. This thought never flashed my mind, why? Mainly, because of not being ready to think that I could! The travel virus spread into my blood cells rampantly after I left India for the first time in 2010. I had not visited any Indian city until that time. My biosphere was just Uttarakhand and Delhi, the two cities of India.

I happened to travel to south India for the first time ever in the first year of my Ph.D., it was somewhere at the beginning of 2010. It was the first time I was traveling to Chennai – for presenting my paper in International conference – by the fastest train in India: Rajdhani Express. It was an amazing feeling. I felt like a royal boy. On the train, I met a south Indian girl who was then a Ph.D. student in Berlin.


We were in the same compartment and our berths were opposite to each other with a gap of not more than 3 meters. We kept talking throughout our journey despite that we did not have many things common except “Being Ph.D. Students”. she shared with me her experiences of traveling to other European countries.

I listened to every moment very passionately and imagined myself. However, my vulnerability did not allow me to dwell in that imagination for a long time. After the conference, I returned home but began living with the stories she shared with me.

A couple of months later I just got a scholarship to attend a summer school in Europe by European Research Network. It was my first trip to Europe ever. The first time I had ever been on a plane (I was so nervous!) I started in Delhi and made my way down to Moscow and then to Venice from there I took a train to Trento after spending 2 nights. And this was the day I fell in love completely. It was not puppy-dog, high school love.

This was true love. The kind of love that consumes you, that pains you to be away from. The kind of love that lasts forever. It was a wonderful opportunity to see around and meet tremendous researchers. I felt like a stronger person with more perspective on the world. I had experienced at different times on my trip that were very non-coincidental and there were definitely greater forces at work back home.


Now, I can no longer count how many nights I have already spent abroad. By and large, my experiences have been great and I’m still friends with some of the people I got to know on my way. Nevertheless, there are a few stories which still make me cringe when I recall them. I Became Confident in Interacting with People from Different Walks of Life and from all over the world.

I have stayed mostly in hostels and dormitories as it is the best way to meet tons of interesting people from all over the world. You’re surrounded by like-minded travelers who all share the love of adventure and a love for having fun. It also makes meeting other travelers super easy — which is extra great for solo travelers like me.

Although I’ve had my fair share of hostel traumas, I still prefer to stay in them for the budget-friendly, sociable aspect they provide. Travels in any form either solo or with friends, partners, you learn what you can’t learn from the books or others experiences. Travel brings to closer to who you are and closer to other people. we are different of course but we can look from their angle. We look from their perspective we learn how close we are. not what our schools and universities teach. 

To be continued!

Kashif Khan
Dr. Kashif Hasan Khan, an Economist, International Business Consultant and Writer



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