How Different Cultures of the World Express their Love?

How Different Cultures of the World Express their Love?

When it comes to commemorating love, a few cities, and goings-on work-to-rule our minds. We start envisioning the thoroughfares of Paris, Prague, Bangkok, Venice, etc. Whatever your indication of romance is, chances are you will be able to find it in these dwellings. The profusion of great food, melody and late-night behaviors are just at your disposal. I have been lucky doing backpacked in the most romantic cities in the world, but very ill-fated to stop over lonely.


Nevertheless, both are arduous and rewarding. What all I have done is detecting the versions of love. Words defy you as you define love. To say it’s beautiful is a sarcasm. It is dreamlike, it’s picturesque, it’s inimitable, it’s vivacious! what I have comprehended is like cultures and customs, every country has a different connotation of love. Love that I grasp in India, for example, is different from the love I happened to feel in the western and other parts of the world.

I was brought up in the sexually repressed, male-dominated culture, where somehow exposed legs become “tempting, sexual objects” in the inexorable 40-grade temperature. Simply eyeing a male in the eye can be inferred as a come on. To fall in love with someone there can be “butchery.” Finding love can be as difficult as finding God. One hardly finds a social gathering except for marriages where mothers seem attempting to find soul mates of their sons!

Generally, a good-looking girl goes back home carrying several matrimonial tenders. I have never noticed any twosome kissing on the buses, trains and any public place for that matter! Even kissing scenes were discouraged for decades by Indian film, Bollywood, censors. This is the realm where a woman is considered to be a goddess; however, being raped even on a bus is just a matter of time! Lmao! And, the young generation of boys is not faithful darling.


To the western world, romance and love go hand-in-hand. Loved-up couples perform pilgrimage to one of most romantic European cities such as Vienna. Westerns societies are free and very profuse, unlike Asian countries. Parents have a very insignificant role in getting their children married, and deciding what is good for their future. Westerners see marriage differently than Asians do.

“Marriage is for stability, friendship, children; love is for the adrenaline highs and lows of sexual madness. Romantic love thrives on obstacles. Married love thrives on convenience. Romantic love takes two unlikely people and brings them together despite the odds; married love takes two likely people and keeps them together against the odds,” Erica Jong Says.

However, in the western societies, lust is more dominant than love. Whenever I see people desperately kissing each other in public places there, a few questions flash my mind are they homeless? Or a home just a place where separations take place? During my visit to Prague, I found naked pictures of women in the restaurants located in the Charlie Bridge region. I just wondered what did it define? Is it just a liberalism that we read in the western literature?

Among the central Asian countries: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are the two most liberal ones. I have not visited the large part of central Asia and therefore I would not say anything that declares me naive. My local friend who hails from Jalalabad and lived in India for more than a decade informed me that the countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. have the quite same version of love that is deep-rooted in India, the suppressed one. These nations are still living at fears like Arabs do. One of my friends whom I encountered during our trip to Issyk-Kul region in Kyrgyzstan told me that she was asked by a female customs officer at the border of Uzbekistan if she carried any suspicious book, although she lacked gauging the statement. (Didn’t Karl Marx say that “both have” the equivalent upshot on people?)Whereas in Cities like Bishkek and Almaty, they have all sorts of jamborees where teenagers bump into each other and later end up being together, even though it lacks going for long sometimes.

However, still, parents-factor is there that somehow functions as a stumbling block despite that Russian culture is still so dominant that most ethnic Russians living in this part and surprisingly, to my utmost level, get by without speaking the local language at all, although Kyrgyz is now the state language. And early marriage is considered to be one of the burning problems of the Kyrgyz Republic, for instance. People usually make their daughters marry at an early age due to societal pressure. Here celebrating the Asian and middle eastern culture!


Kashif Khan
Dr. Kashif Hasan Khan, an Economist, International Business Consultant and Writer





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