How Travel Blogging Become a Trend Among Youth?

The penetration of Social Media has created a hullaballoo for the people who love to travel and explore. With the increase in blogging and social networking, such platforms provide various interesting fields to users like food & drinks, travel, art & culture, adventure, and local attractions.


The travelers make trails on the platform about the places they have visited to tell umpteen stories about their experiences and adventures. The trails are made by the users of the exquisite places from all over the globe. The same can be shared with your friends to plan a similar trip or keep adding to your Wishlist.

Social media and blogging has become the perfect place for the wanderlusts and also those who love to try new things and new food. The people who are inspired by the people they meet on their journey can share their experiences and lessons. Such small stories filled with adventure and experience inspire people to discover places and find the true passion for themselves.

Such mediums are useful for those who are exploring new places for the first time. They can look among those whom they are following and can study the local attractions to plan their itinerary.

It is also a knowledge booster as different trails can be searched in categories like hidden treasures, budget travel, festivals around the world, trendy cafes and restaurants, short stories, nature and wildlife, mountain hikes, signatures of the city, arts & culture, etc.

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In my opinion, blogging is a perfect destination for the explorers to share their interests and lessons with a greater audience. Such an open communication platform will encourage others to follow their heart and embark their journey of art and adventures. We not only need to study books and get good grades but what really matters is the real happiness and joy. There is sheer peace in knowing yourself because then you know well what you are really made for.


Aleena Ilyaz

Aleena Ilyaz

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