Independence Day: Let’s Free Our Nation from Inequalities

Independence Day: Let’s Free Our Nation from Inequalities

Independence Day is just around the corner and now we are going to see hundreds of national flags in every corner of the street. One flag hanged to every rickshaw, tricolor wristbands worn by every child and loudspeakers with all the patriotic songs.

Independence Day

We all need to realize that Independence Day is more than that. It is not about we decorate ourselves in tricolor or be excessively patriotic only for a day. It is about knowing the importance of being the citizen of India.

If we introspect a little, we can remind ourselves of the duties we have towards our mother nation. We are a free country today but many of us still have to face suppression. It is through suppression only that hell is created in us.

This year let us urge every Indian to raise their voices against any injustice. This day let us intend to create a voice that is above all discrimination, racism, inequalities. let us vow to be our own Gods of liberation so that no stories of fear are cooked in any corners of India. Let us take a pledge to save our tiranga as if it is our pride.

We don’t only need to save ourselves, but we also need to save our country. India is the homeland of various religions and cultures and it has a rich historical background. As we are moving forward, the culture and traditions are losing their grip as we are investing our time in western culture.

We need to save the integrity of our nation. Not only culture, but the monuments also are in dire need of our attention. Every year, thousands of tourists visit India to admire its sheer beauty.

We need to make sure that we prove ourselves as a good host and also maintain our monuments and tourist places in the best possible manner.

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Tiranga should not only be a combination that signifies India. It should be a feeling. A feeling that remains constant throughout the year. It is our identity and we must embrace it wholeheartedly.

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