Indian Education System: 10 Fundamental Problems and Challenges

Indian Education System: 10 Fundamental Problems and Challenges

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

We all dream of a job that will provide us with a luxurious life with a six-figure salary. However, we are not ready to encounter the loopholes in our education system that lags in so many important factors.

The ten basic problems in the foundation of Indian Educational System are listed below:

1. Education System Promotes Rat Race

Our education system basically promotes rat race among our children. They have to read and mug-up the entire textbook without any understanding of it. They have to face stiff competition from the classmates to get the best grades. So a child is always expected to excel and come first in the class. Instead, the focus should be on improving the intellect of the children. This should form the ground basis of our education system.

2. Education does not develop Child’s Personality

Unfortunately, our education system is not helping to develop the personality of a child. Remember, it is personality that is more important than academic qualification. Children need more exposure to build confidence. Marks will not contribute to building a self-empowered person ready to achieve his/ her dreams. So the education system should be well-built behind the idea of strengthening one’s persona.

3. Lack of Critical Analysis

Our children are not able to do critical analysis of anything, for example our history, culture and religion. They take the line of establishment or the views of predominant majority. Critical analysis is very important to put forward different opinions and then deduce your own conclusion.

4. Parochialism rather than Global Outlook

Our education system is more rigid when it should be more flexible with a global outlook. This will promote cultural diversity and enhance the knowledge of students by increasing the boundaries.

5. Inefficient Teachers

To make things worse, our teachers themselves are not sufficiently trained to teach kids. They do not have proper training that how they are going to impart values in children that are going to change the future of the country. If they can teach properly then the government does not have enough salary to pay. Hence, to improve our education system teachers should be well trained and better paid.

6. Inconsistent Medium of Language

We are not able to decide on the medium of language of our education system. Today schools unnecessarily emphasize on English. Even though it is important but other languages are also having great potential in future.

7. No preparation for Job-Market

This is perhaps the most apparent failure of our education system that after completing graduation in any discipline students are not able to get jobs. It is simply because skills that are required in job market are not taught in schools and colleges. Hence our education system is needed to be revamped and must be designed according to our economic policies.

8. No Innovative or Creative Approach

Creative approach to learning has lost its importance. Even with great degrees, majority of the students fail to innovate and come up with their own ideas. Most of the times the projects completed are a copy paste work of others.

9. Absence of Entrepreneurial Spirit

There is lack of ambition and motivation among the students to become entrepreneurs which does not allow our country to excel in any field. Since childhood, we are told to do job and work for others. Therefore, our education system should be designed to make our children a successful entrepreneur rather going for a salaried job.

10. Social Disparity

It is very unfortunate that education itself has become a tool for creating divisions. A child of a rich parent would get good education and a child of poor parent cannot afford even a basic education. Government should intervene and make education its prime responsibility to reduce social disparity.


To conclude it can be said that the government needs to make larger contributions to improve the education system of the country. This will only help in making India a developed country. We need to revolutionize our education system to foster a path of better growth and learning.

Shamshad Alam
Shamshad Alam, Entrepreneur at The Inspire India

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