It’s  our  World: Neither  Yours  Nor  mine

It’s our World: Neither Yours Nor mine

Since this is going to be my first write up on this platform I thought it will be best to share what actually led me to join it. When one sees the present atmosphere of hatred spreading itself everywhere, one needs to consider whether we wanted world to be this way. A twenty first century world which was expected to be on its way to equality, liberty and fraternity seems to have lost its focus.

People resorting to violence over pettiest of issues, trolling and mocking each other in person as well as over social media seems to be the new normal. Being negative or critical is desirous to an extent but even the meanest thing or phenomenon has its share of positivity.

One not just need to acknowledge that positivity but also encourage it so that it can be a contributory factor for the larger good of the society.

Amidst the atmosphere of hatred and such a polarized world, one often wonders what the way can be out to an atmosphere of positivity and progress. As if we had not enough problems like inequality, hunger, etc. which are already consuming our lives that we have developed newer ones like cyber bullying, trolling.

In today’s political Environment, that should more precisely be called a handicapped environment, all sides need to prioritize humanity at every front. When each side claim to be working for a better world then there is no scope for fighting for anything. I agree ways can be different but if the destination is same then what is the point in mocking and ridiculing each other.

If the aim is same then the efforts should be unidirectional rather than being antagonistic. Between pro-government and anti-government there are common grounds like pro-poor, pro-women, pro-equality. We need to share these grounds in making the society more equal and sensitive.


Ankur Shukla

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