Let Our Mind Get Transformed

Let Our Mind Get Transformed

Anybody who wants to have a mental transformation should start with a body, and the reason they should start with it is two-fold. One, it’s just biological. If you want to feel the energy, get good at the cellular level for Creating the energy. Make sure that your mitochondria are healthy. Transforming the Mind is a manual that aims to describe the process of human conditioning and how to achieve an awakening from this imposition.


Mitochondria are important as the fact that these organelles supply all the necessary biological energy of the cell. You don’t have to understand it. You just need to do the things that allow it to happen. The second part is the mindset of it. It’s a general indulgent that you have self-worth because you do hard things and I really believe it’s not the sum total of self-worth but the absolute foundation of self-love which in its entirety is the willingness to do the hard things.

Now that may be something as simple as sitting down and meditating every day. It could be eating the right things; it could be showing up at the gym. It could be playing sports or swimming. But if you do that, you earn credibility with yourself. 

There are a few feelings that are better than that. When you are going through a physical transformation, it’s easy to see. It can be reflected in a before and an after picture. You stand in front of the mirror. You can be like. Hey! But when it comes to the mind, what do you see? You don’t see anything because you constantly have that negative voice and people think the victory is getting rid of the negative voice, which of course it’s not, you are always going to have it.

It can actually be incredibly beneficial but it cannot corrode you. It can’t be something that tears you down and chips away at your sense of self. Once you understand that negative voice, you can use mental Jiu-jitsu to make it a reminder to think of something positive. If you maintain your mental discipline the way that you would your physical discipline, you can go somewhere.


There is nothing other than reminders like that journaling or something. It does not have the obvious mirror effect or where one can just look and see. And so, that becomes difficult. You also don’t get the outside reinforcement.

When you are losing weight, people are going to come up to you. Oh My God! What are you doing? Right? It’s immediate. Whether people want to admit it or not, as a human animal, we are so tied to our bod or self-image is tied up in that. And when you have six-pack abs, it just tells you right now, it is hard not to be like, damn!

You feel good about it. You feel good about yourself. Now, obviously it can become solipsistic and you can get totally obsessed with it and that’s not fun. If you can see the progress of something and you are getting external feedback, it is easy to stick with it, but the mind is hard, it’s much more ephemeral. By helping people go through the process of improving their body, what one is really doing is getting to the mind.

Kashif Khan
Dr. Kashif Hasan Khan


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