A Life before life!

A Life before life!


On an usual day

A thing stroked

To my head

It may sound silly

It may make some sense

But in real

It is quite strange

So, what came in

My thought, was

A different world

An unimaginable Life

Before this life

Which was the origin

Of my being, of my natural living

A world distinct from this world

A womb, my mother’s womb

Not just a void but a place

Where I was conceived

So, that was my very first universe

Before this world,

I was there for a long

Stretched 9 months

Or say near about 270 days,

How was the night there?

How was the light there?

How was I laid?

How was that internal world?

So natural or little bizarre

When I moved my legs and how?

When I turned my head and how?

When I felt hungry for the first time

Did I know how to cry?

Did I know that I was inside a body?

Body of my bearer,

The soul of my mother,

Who herself was unknown to me

At that time,

I didn’t remember the day

When we were introduced

As a mother and baby

What happened after?

May be she was like a first friend

With whom I got trained

But how we communicated

As I was unable to speak and scream

Did I stretched or scratched to connect

May be she understood me

my needs, my desires, my greets

I was there in her

But couldn’t saw her

May be surrounded by a dark veil

Safe or frightened

Hopeful or pale

Happy or mixed

As I couldn’t recalled those days

But now want to remember them

My days in the womb, in that wonder world,

I didn’t have any memory of that

Not a single flash of that step

And now it’s all gone, no part left

Don’t you feel, you also experienced it

Couldn’t realize

You also had a life

Before life, filled with astonishing

And indescribable tales!

Firdous Zahra

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