Why You Should Listen to Your Inner Voice

Why You Should Listen to Your Inner Voice

There are a number of motivational books, videos, audios, articles,etc., which can ignite the fire in you for being charged to keep pouring efforts for reaching your goals. We rush to YouTube videos, the handiest way, to get ourselves motivated if we see that fire is calming down. We happen to witness a large chunk desperately seeking to be motivated by different means; like other addictions seeing such videos and reading articles have also become a sheer addiction and nothing more.

Inner VoiceHuman is a very complex creature if it likes something it turns out to be an addiction as a result. In other words: our inner-will begins bowing down to it. When we listen to such motivational videos on a constant basis we simply assume that the speaker, that is in vogue today due to widespread of the internet, is all perfect to lit the fire staying in us, we seem to forget that it’s not speaker rather it is our inner-voice that lives inside us.

This voice does not know the motivational speaker, it just knows the one in whom he resides. It keeps sending a reminder to us which takes us getting closer to a motivational speaker and, therefore, instead of listening to the coach that dwells in us, we pay attention to YouTube coach who, in turn, listening to his coach –dwelling, inner-voice, in him.

Nevertheless, what we find common is listening to coaches: the YouTube ones. We don’t listen to our real coach: inner voice. When God created us, he created our master/coach/motivational speaker with us too.

We are living in the world that leaves a very small space for human beings. The world is just a place to cash everything. We have moved so ahead that we lost ourselves somewhere thousands of miles back. We have completely forgotten ourselves. In the race of cashing everything, we have cashed ourselves too.

We don’t acknowledge our potential just because we don’t listen to ourselves. We have time for everything but for ourselves. History has recognized many saints and mystics who actually got to know themselves only after listening to themselves, their own coach: inner-voice.

Do we realize how many minutes we spend with ourselves?

Today, we see mediation is in fashion as if it is just a new discovery, however, the reality is, it exists ever since the birth of human beings. But, now people realize as they find themselves lost in the race of achieving so-called success. Even they go to meditation training and pay the high price after waiting for a couple of minutes or probably hours in traffic jams.

Nevertheless, the mediation is listening to ourselves. We don’t need to rush to any coach. Just sit with yourself and try to communicate with your inner voice. How many of us are actually listening to ourselves? Are we sitting alone questioning our presence in this world? Or we are just a sheep in the flock?

We are very much object-oriented people. Which simply means that we seek happiness in objects and thus listen to the voices of those objects because they please us. If we like coffee, we do everything for coffee because it pleases us. We tend to do things which please us. But, do we ever ponder over pleasing our own selves: inner-voice? No, because it does not please us. Right? This is our common belief.

HumanI never listen to any motivational speaker nor reading any article for that matter. Why? Because I listen to my own motivational speaker who lives in me. He is my best tutor, my best friend, my best guide. I don’t really feel the necessity to replace him with any who listens to other like everyone. He is the one who taught me things that I could not have learned from anyone else.

I successfully followed him because I paid attention to him. He made me realize my potentials and my capacities. My inner-tutor made me visualize my positive addictions which I did not know if I had not listened to him. He taught me thinking big, thinking unusual, thinking extraordinary. This, big thinking, thought never flashes our minds, why? Mainly, because of not being ready to think that we can! we prepare for a very ordinary life: finishing a university, grasping a good job and having a family.

We are born and brought up in a family where dreaming big is almost considered to be a crime. Crime as it lands us nowhere, and that nowhere is nothing but where our parents want us to be. Well, from my early childhood I learned to spend time with my self and hence saw a great capacity that God gave me. And, now I talk to my inner-tutor every day who guides me paving my way further.

Kashif Khan
Dr. Kashif Hasan Khan, an Economist, International Business Consultant and Writer







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