Parenting Is All About Making Connection with Children

Parenting Is All About Making Connection with Children

By  Gulafshan Salam Khan


“We may not be able to prepare the future of our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Parenting is the process of raising a child into a healthy adult who is socially, mentally, emotionally developed where he is all ready to face the toil and turbulence of life with ease.

The children are not only nurtured by their biological parents, relatives,  and surrounding environment plays an important role as well.

Carrying a baby in the womb for nine months and bringing to this harsh world is not the end of the job. New parents have no idea about how to properly raise children.

Parenting is not an easy task. It requires skills, patience and quality time. If proper parenting is done then the roots are quite strong with positive outcomes.

A developmental psychologist, Diana Baumrind has defined four types of parenting styles and they are Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive and neglectful parenting, in which authoritative has been considered as the best for its positive outcome.

From conception till six years it has been considered as the most critical period in a child’s life. During this period whatever they learn, hear or observe and grasp easily are printed on their mind which is not easy to remove.It’s rightly said that

“children learn more from what you are than what you teach.” – W.E.B Dubois

To have meaningful life, partner need to work on the root values of children, positive and stimulating environment is needed as children are a good perceiver but poor interpreters.
They always make decisions based on their belief system.

Positive discipline should be inculcated into them. Parents should not feel to be solely responsible for making their children happy in fact their main responsibility is to support, empower, guide and to be there for them; but the children have to find their own way to be happy.

Family time is the most important time and children should feel they also have an important role in the house. They should be given space and allowed to create their own new world without any restrictions.

At an early age when children are raised in the positive environment then the focus is shifted to find the solution of the problems.
Many parents complain that their children doesn’t listen to them or hide things or behave rudely to them as they enter teenage and are quite upset about how to overcome the situation.  If right steps are taken at the right time and parents do check their behavior then surely they will find out the answers.

Gulafshan Salam Khan

Proper parenting which includes planning, patience and consistency leads a child to become a responsible, reasonable and helpful citizen of the country and is the direct key to makes the roots strong.

Gulafshan Salam Khan

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  5. Excellent article. Its a good reminder for the parents. Hope this will change the thinking of the parents towards their children which is very important in this modern era. Good to see that people are concerned in each & every corner of the society. Keep it up!!!

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  8. A very informative article indeed. Such an important issue being taken so lightly in the past. Glad to know that people are finally showing their concerns on this very critical subject.

  9. A very awsme article…………it will really helpful for parents ….and nowdays parenting should be very important ……I wish all parents must follow this….and they help their children to grown up for good

  10. Very well articulated and informative.
    Its really very needful and good article.
    A parent’s relationship with his or her child will be reflected in the child’s actions- including child behavior.If you have a good relationship with them, you tend to trust them more, listen to their opinions, and agree with them. 
    Nowdays parents should understand and listen to their children.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I do agree… children’s best friends are their parents and when parents don’t understand them then they look outside for true friendship and there they meet the challenges which the entire members of the family has to face it.

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