Mother Nature- Our Saviour

Mother Nature- Our Saviour

Human beings are born from the earth and we all belong to one mother called nature. When God created us, He created the nature and our environment to sustain our lives, to support our system and to ensure that we breather fresher air every day.


Nature, environment and human beings have always co-existed, and they will always go hand in hand until the last time of this world. This universe could not have been accomplished if our environment was not synchronized with our lives.

Marlee Matlin said, “The earth does not belong to us; We belong to the Earth”.

It is rightly said because if we look around ourselves and ponder a little we will find that all our needs are taken care of by the environment we live in; be it healthy air, food, flora, and fauna. It exists to fulfill every man’s needs but not anyone’s greed.

From the time that humanity has existed, a phenomenon like the food chain, big bang theory, photosynthesis, all has curated the natural way of living. Forests and lakes and oceans are present to take care of the land and water needs. Every little thing and every small creature that God created has an importance of its own which cannot be questioned.

Albert Einstein quoted, “The environment is everything that isn’t me”.

Although we are a part of our environment, we can never match to the benefits that it extends to our lives. Just as God resides in each one us, God resides in every bird, every mountain, every tree. 

Mother Nature

Today we all are spoiling our environment with our selfishness and to meet the greed that can never be fulfilled. Deforestation, animal slaughter, pollution, toxic substances and other umpteen factors are contributing to destroying the most beautiful presence of God itself.

Margaret Mead said, “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”.

We all need to remember that if we have to survive a better life, we all need to contribute in saving every bit of the environment. Efforts and awareness should be mutually handled by everyone who is a part of the environment.

Aleena Ilyaz
Aleena Ilyaz

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