Online Learning Replaces the Traditional Universities in India

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By Gulafshan Salam Khan

In higher education change is inevitable and online courses are growing at a fast rate. Online teaching offers continuous education session 24/7 throughout the year. It provides new opportunities for teaching where students are more engaged and hence the learning process enhances. In this era nobody wants to stay behind. Each and every person is struggling to reach the top. It is a time when digital media is available even to toddlers. I-pad, laptop or mobile are yesteryear’s pen, crayons or paints.

According to a survey, India’s online education market size is expected to grow to $ 40 billion in 2017. Here the question is whether online learning will replace the traditional universities in India or not. There are many challenges of traditional university education system. With the passage of time fees are increasing, tough entrance test competition and idea to go to cities and get education has built a great pressure. But still, claiming that online teaching will replace the traditional universities in India within few year or in upcoming time is just not possible. 

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, so is the case with online teaching and traditional universities. We know well that in time-tested method of university education, socialization is much better and over all development comes from meeting people face to face and experiencing practical situations. We get a chance to meet new people with different culture and get to know them and their varied ideas. Hence we can say that all-round development comes from going to colleges and universities.

If we need specific assistance in a particular subject or at particular points we can get help from teachers face to face. After getting the degree no company or institute offers us high profile job on the spot, they demand experience and experience come from doing practical things and not just sitting in front of the computer. Yes, no doubt now many traditional universities are providing online courses but that doesn’t mean that these courses will replace the classroom education. 

Online learning can assist the classroom learning method. Now people need not sacrifice their dreams due to lack of resources and time. They can, in fact, enroll themselves into online courses as per their convenience. 90% employers consider online degrees as good as traditional learning. Students who are shy, those who have not understood the lesson can check it again online anytime anywhere and can access digital written materials and recorded lectures as per their convenience.

Students are now demanding online classes facilities for better quality higher education degrees but it doesn’t mean it will replace the traditional universities. In fact, it will help them to work faster and with progressive results. We can say that the blend of online teaching and traditional universities will become a boon for the society and students will be free from the mediocre teaching. Online tools will be a supplement for teaching aids.



Gulafshan Salam Khan





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  1. It is good that technology is advancing has taken a front seat and has reached till online study.but as we know a coin has two face so does this one. online technology is giving a backseat to traditional university and we loosing our moral values n standards n moral values r best provided by this traditional universities…….. This article is really very powerful and readable…..with very nice thought

  2. Well articulated.
    U r right online learning can be complementary of face to face mode, but it cannot replace face to face mode.

  3. Online education is need of the hour. It has given a hope to professionals around the world that they can still learn while they continue to earn. Had it not been so, quitting a job would seem to be the only option in most of the cases to pursue your dream of higher education.

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