Role of Education in women empowerment

Role of Education in women empowerment


By  Uzma Parveen


          ‘When we educate a man, we educate an individual

       But when we educate a woman, we educate the family (nation) ’


An educated mind can think in a better and constructive way. In the twenty-first century, women are excelling in every field being a housewife, politician, engineer, doctor, space traveler, bureaucrat and the list is long. They have proved them as equal to their counterparts.

Certainly, education has imparted a great role for giving them their due share of which they were denied for centuries. Education has always undoubtedly been that specific tool which filled them with vigor to achieve the most desirable things.

But, this scenario varies according to place and sections of society as well. Statistics have shown the parity in women education, some states show better parameters and few still lagging behind. Someway or other metro cities provide better opportunity to women as compared to small towns and villages.

 While pursuing their dreams women of backward or less developed areas face more difficulties and obstacles as compared to metros. Nonetheless, several schemes and projects are being run by the government at various levels. Still some lacunae exist in terms of its implementation and awareness generation.

If we really want the progress and development of our country then we have to give an equal opportunity and share to ‘one of the untapped resource of the world – Women’. The male section will also have to play a decisive role in making her ways easier towards development.

 So, we need a mentally empowered section of male, who will cooperate with her to achieve success.  An educated and aware mind will definitely lead the society ahead and education will surely make their vision wide. It will help them to fill their eyes and minds with dreams to stand up for their betterment and for others also.

Uzma Parveen

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