Role of Women as a Leader and  Housewife

Role of Women as a Leader and Housewife

Females are one of the strongest pillars of developed and developing nations. The history of Indian Women has witnessed an indefinite number of pioneers who worked hard for their rights and broke all the gender barriers to achieve their dreams.  Women today have made progress in the field of science, art, culture, business, politics, law and various others. The mainstream philosophy towards female is broken by the advancement in opportunities and equal rights for women.


A woman is the best homemaker with her great ability to multi-task and handle each member with care in the family. Along with being the greatest homemakers, she excels in doing business.

We have examples of ladies like Indira Nooyi CEO of Pepsi Co, Chanda Kochhar CEO of ICICI Bank who have set different standards for the CEO’s of today’s generation.

Women are ready to break all the barriers that hinder their aspirations. They are more enthusiastic and more open to talk about their fears and their passion. Roshini Sharma is the first Indian girls to ride from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on a bike. She has set a whole new trend for those who love to travel.

Sportswomen like Arati Saha, Mithali Raj, Sania Mirza, Mary Kom have made us proud with their endeavors in various sports.


Indian women have also achieved success in the fashion world. Reita Faria Powel is an Indian model, doctor and beauty queen who became Miss World.  A lot of movies today are made that reflect the position and power of fairer sex in today’s society like Dangal, Chak De India, Queen, Neerja and a lot more.

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Politics used to be one such field where females were not allowed to perform as the ultimate power used to vest in the hands of man. But the current era speaks another story. Women are successful doctors, pilots, and politicians. The status of female needs to continuously improve and for this combined effort is needed. We need more support from our parents to encourage us to study and achieve more.


Aleena Ilyaz
Aleena Ilyaz

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