Social Commerce: A New Way Of Consumer Engagement

Social Commerce: A New Way Of Consumer Engagement

Social commerce connects people with people. It is a combination of e-commerce and social networking. It is the evolution and rapid growth of social media meeting, buying and selling of products. It is a link between social media and e-commerce. We can buy or sell anything anytime anywhere.

It initiate consumer’s engagement. Power brands are designed according to the people to attract Customers. Thousands of people online acquire new customers by selling the products using social network. It is growing at fast pace and proving everyday its worth in the market.

It not only increases the life time value of customers by sharing its brand across the social networking site but also fuels new customers on clicking to the share.

We find variety of vendors selling variety of their products which make difficult for us to choose which one is the best.  We are now living in the age of technology and the competition to reach at the top and is increasing day by day, so we hardly get any time to roam around the market to buy goods and products. E-commerce and social media has helped a lot by ordering anything anytime anywhere just in a couple of minutes.

To make the business powerful in this area of buying or selling anything or to be the best it requires social proof, social sharing and crowd sourcing. For example, if any site has been advertised and is on high demand then obviously people would like to enquire about it by how many items have been brought from the site, liked or wanted. Through crowd sourcing they can get collective opinion.

Through e-commerce revenues have increased, information is executed, business transaction is improved, we have effective performance and lots of customers are attracted. Business values are generated and become more popular.

With physical store we are limited only to particular areas but with e-commerce we are connected with all around the globe. Lots of time and energy are saved, not only we are provided with abundant of information but also 24/7/365 services.

With many goods there are some flaws too like it doesn’t allow us to experience the product before purchase which now also makes many people think a lot to purchase a product whether it is good or not.

We have to have good network connection and be well informed. E-commerce website can be set up by anybody so it becomes too difficult to find out which one is genuine and whether we are investing our money at the right place or not.

Social media is a tool through which we can discuss and share our information. We can interact with people who spread all over the globe. We can highlight different areas of social media by understanding few of them, there are some mentioned here.

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the part of social media where comments, peoples own views and choices can be shared, where we can establish a strong relationship.

Zopa and Kickstarter play good role in he field of funding business as well as individual. At blogger and Word press we can create many articles where public can read and share their opinions.

So, in this way we can say that these things as a part of a communication which play an important role. Yes, but everything has its own pros and cons. So, it depends on people how they handle it.

Flipkart, Amazon, CNET, Olx, Quikr etc., allow reviews and comments by consumers on their products purchased and sold along with rating system. Brand monitoring also helps to read and summarize what is being said about particular brand through social media and the web and makes commerce work at ease.

Youtube for example is one of the most popular site regarding media sharing where we can share and get lots of information about anything, where users can create their own channels, upload any Informative items, can add comments and share the videos. Before purchasing or selling an article we can be well informed about its market value.

Today we are living in a fast world and racing against time we have to take advantages of such things to make profit at our business or organization or at any working sector and for that we all have to be up to date and well informed about everything which is of our concern and is relevance.

Gulfashan Salam Khan

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