Social Media and Our Responsibility

Social Media is the revolutionary power that is changing the whole foundation of today’s society. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube have taken over our lives like never before. They have definitely made the world smaller by creating a virtual platform, building connections all over the world. With the digital penetration in all the spheres of life, social media has increased at a breath-taking pace, changing the lives globally.

Although social media has great benefits of networking, real-time experiences, content creation and information sharing but its disadvantages are making our base hollow and its termite is eating all our values and draining our peace of mind. Studies have shown that social media leads to increased levels of anxiety and depression.

People use social networking platforms to showcase their happening lives which create an inferiority complex amongst other because they also want to compete and become as exclusive as everyone. Also, it results in peer pressure due to which a lot of students face anxiety issues. Further, social media consumes too much time. One does not realize wasting one hour browsing it instead of utilizing that time in doing something fruitful that may help in shaping the career. 

In such a situation it is our responsibility to take control of it so that it does not spoil our lives. We must ensure its limited usage on a daily basis by limiting the time spent on it. Also, one must keep in mind that investing in social media about our life’s experiences will have no value. Rather, building experiences from the real-life situations will give something worth to remember.

Moreover, social media brings security issues to one’s personal information as it can be mishandled by anyone for the purpose of defamation. So one needs to take care that the privacy is maintained and not every stranger has access to the personal accounts on social media platforms.

With the increasing hacking soft wares, the issue of stealing digital information has become easy. Cyber crimes are rising and in order to protect ourselves against cyber threats, passwords should be changed frequently and confidential information should not be shared with everyone. This will help in making our lives simpler and safer along with the usage of social media.

Aleena Ilyaz

Aleena Ilyaz

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