Ways to Transform Your Creative Thinking

Ways to Transform Your Creative Thinking

We live in a world where critical thinking and presence of mind are the two most important skills primarily required to get one through the cut-throat competition that everyone faces today. Creation and invention are those two processes that require the generation of a novel idea, which is possible only when one’s thoughts are original and practical, for, it is wisely said, “to think is to create”.

Creative Thinking

Now, all of this can be achieved only through the means of a sharp mind and increased brainpower, for it is a sharp mind and common sense that facilitate creation, originality and increases the success rate of an individual.

Even pop-culture depicts the importance of a sharp mind. Movies like ‘Lucy’ and ‘Inception’ are a good example of how a sharp mind can bring out novelty and creation of something original and informative that can be used for the betterment of the society. The sharpness of the mind is really important for primarily two reasons, except the increase in success rate it has to offer:

1.) Self-awareness :

“​Only as you do know yourself can your brains serve you as a sharp and efficient tool. Know your own failing, passions, and prejudices so you can separate them from what you see.”-Bernard Baruch

Having a sharp mind will not only help oneself to be aware of the surroundings but it will also help one to gain a separate sense of being. This means that you will analyze yourself, judge what is right or wrong for you, choose wisely, improve decision-making. In short, it will make you independent, wise and self-aware.

2.) Emotional Intelligence :

“​​It is the sharpness of our mind that gives the edge to our pains and pleasures.” -Michel de Montaigne

A sharp mind makes one a sensible and responsible citizen. Increased bra 9inpower helps one to see through the societal problems and acknowledge the pains, rights, and demands of those in need. Emotional Intelligence is important in today’s fast-paced life to encourage the shards of humanity still left in people to make this world a better place to live in. This is facilitated by the sharpness of mind.

To bring your focus to the gravity of this topic, I would also like to mention some of the benefits that a sharp mind has to offer; faster thinking, better memory, improved language, efficient multi-tasking, sharper vision, quicker reactions, improved reflex actions, and improved self-image, to name a few.

A sharp mind not only gives you a plethora of skills that will guarantee your success, it also makes sure that you grow as a ‘sensitive human being’ rather than the ‘robots’ that people today are turning out to be.

Sharp Mind

Techniques to keep your mind sharp:

1. Practice meditation to decrease stress:  

Studies show that chronic stress can damage the brain. So you can help protect and strengthen your brain by engaging in activities or lifestyle habits that decrease the firing of your stress response.

2. Take up cognitive training exercises:

The mind stays sharp when the plasticity of the brain is maintained. You can take up playing chess, learning a new language, or juggling.

3. Physical Exercise to furnish cognitive skills:

Walk outdoors where the terrain isn’t predictable so that you’re perfecting your balance and working your foot-eye coordination at the same time. Yoga or tai chi also enable you to practice coordination, the flow of movement, balance and the engagement of different muscle groups. And don’t forget to fit in some aerobic exercise as well, getting your heart rate up for at least 15 minutes a few times a week.

4. Ditch sugar and nourish your brain with antioxidants which can help you improve your memory and coordination.

5. Develop Intellectual Curiosity :

This would mean to develop a habit of learning new things on a regular basis. This would broaden up your perspective and bring about street smartness and creative thinking.

6. Believe in yourself:

With a sense of self-respect and self-awareness, self-confidence increases and when you are confident and believe in yourself the sharpness of mind increases.

7. Maintain good relationships :

Maintaining an equilibrium with external factors such as familial, friends and colleagues is important to maintain your sanity in a social setting, this would make sure that you are happy and have a great compatibility with people around you, giving your mind space to learn and register other things.

By following the aforementioned strategies and incorporating it into your routine, you are giving yourself a chance at a better life. These are tested and researched techniques used by successful people all around the world. The world is out there at your conquest, your armor and sword should be that of critical thinking, practical mind, common sense and a sharp mind, if you use them wisely you are to get your victory.

Ujasha Tripathi

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