Why Sports­ Athletes have a Better Chance for Success?

Why Sports­ Athletes have a Better Chance for Success?

From our childhood, we are taught to focus on our studies and learn by heart all our lessons. We are brought up in a culture where good grades are the most important factor in deciding the future of any child.

It is the nomenclature of the Indian society where sports are not widely accepted by anyone as an option for a career. There is a reluctance on the part of parents when they realize that their children are interested in sports rather than studies. This traditional approach towards sports needs to be developed so that it can build a better atmosphere for sports enthusiasts.


We do not realize but sports and athletics are very necessary for shaping our personality. They fill us with a positive energy that brings more liveliness and passion in our lives.

Keeping this vigor in mind, sports need to be welcomed with open arms. There are ample career opportunities for athletes at the district, state, national and international level. There are a lot of inspirational stories living in the history of Asian Games, Olympics that give us a ray of hope.

Students should be encouraged more to opt for sports as their career. Our education system should inculcate its importance not only during the weekly Games period but it should be taken seriously so that it can be given the shape of a successful career.

In addition to this, parents should also support their children in realizing their dreams. We all need to take sports more seriously for a better and healthy future. It will not only fill us with health and prosperity but will also bring laurels to the country. When it comes to living one’s passion, one will always find a way to do it irrespective of all the difficulties.


For the coming years, we need to build a generation of sportspersons who are qualified enough to represent our country in every kind of sport and athlete. There is no shame in choosing sports over studies. Let us vow together to create a better India full of Sports enthusiasts who have ample opportunities to prove their worth.

Aleena Ilyaz
Aleena Ilyaz

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